Why your business needs a right account and finance management..??

Finance management means to control over the finance activities like proper utilization of fund of the enterprise, while account management means to take care of the relationship between of the client and the service.

Finance management helps to take important decisions like finance decision, dividend decision, and investment decision. Under finance management manager has to make an estimate regarding the capital requirement of the company. The finance manager has to decide the capital structure of the company and investment of the fund, investment of the fund is the very important task for any firm. In finance management manager do exercise control over finance with the help of many techniques like ratio analysis, financial forecasting, cost and profit control.

Account management focuses on the day to day flow of money of the enterprise. Under the accounting management manager works with the marketing and sales team and prepare reports and presentations. Account manager helps to make the market strategies with the aim of earning the higher profit. Under accounting management, the most important role of the manager is to monitoring budget, spending, and revenue

The main four elements of account management are planning, organizing, controlling, and decision making. Without these four elements, account management cannot play its role

The main role of finance and account manager under the finance management and account management is to know how to the utilization of the of the capital of the enterprise, it includes the investment in fixed assets and investment in liabilities and how to handle day to day flow of the company and preparing the proper marketing plan for the enterprise to make his firm profitable.

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